Participant Criteria


Criteria for Corporate Participation

  • The chief executive of every company participating in the Global Compact is invited to the Leaders Summit.
  • If the company's chief executive officer is unable to participate, then C-suite officers or board members are welcome to serve as head of delegation.
  • Chief executives of large companies (defined as having 250 employees or more) are encouraged to extend a Leaders Summit invitation to up to three senior-level representatives of their company.
  • As it is widely recognized that women's empowerment is a key driver of sustainable development, organizations are strongly encouraged to strive for gender-balance when nominating representatives. We are proud that the Women's Empowerment Principles is currently the UN Global Compact's largest special initiative with 600 CEO signers.
  • Registration will be confirmed by the Global Compact Office on a first-come, first-served basis, however adequate representation by participant sector, size and region will be ensured.

Representatives from other stakeholder groups, including civil society and labour organizations, business associations, academic institutions, governments and the United Nations, will be invited by the Global Compact Office directly. See below for further details.

Criteria for Civil Society Participation

Select global civil society organizations (CSOs) will be invited to participate in the Leaders Summit 2013. These participants include representatives from the organizations participating in Global Compact working groups, initiatives and platforms, and organizations with a long-standing working relationship with the Global Compact. The chief executive and up to one senior level representative may attend from each invited CSO.

Please note that due to the high-level nature of the Leaders Summit, only senior-level nominations will be accepted.

Government Participation

The UN Global Compact encourages Governments to actively participate in, promote and support the Summit. Governments are invited to attend the Summit, and each Member State will receive invitations.

Criteria for UN Participation

The UN Global Compact will invite Heads of UN Agencies, Funds and Programmes to participate in the Summit. The chief executive and up to three senior level representatives may attend from each invited UN Organization.

Criteria for Local Network Participation

The UN Global Compact will invite all Local Network Representatives. The Local Network Representative may bring up to one additional Local Network contact person or participant for an additional fee depending on their organization.