Sponsorship Opportunities



Upon the opening of the UN General Assembly 68th session in New York, the UN Global Compact Leaders Summit is a unique opportunity to engage with the United Nations, global sustainability leaders and key decision makers. Fostering transformative public-private partnerships is a top priority of the Global Compact and to this end we value Sponsors' participation and investment in our flagship event.

Sponsorship is an exclusive opportunity to showcase your sustainability vision, strategies and practices before a world-class audience, while demonstrating your company's integral support of the ten universal principles of the Global Compact. The Leaders Summit offers a unique platform to create and strengthen partnerships between Global Compact participants and key stakeholders.

Sponsors may be companies seeking to create new or expand existing global partnerships, or emerging leaders demonstrating their support for sustainable economic activity and collective action.

Sponsorship for the Leaders Summit is offered at the Patron and Supporter levels. Patron sponsors will be recognized for their extraordinary commitment as key event partners in realizing a Leaders Summit that advances the role of corporate sustainability in addressing our world's sustainable development priorities. Sponsorship is also offered at the Supporter level for companies committed to the Global Compact and seeking to make a visible contribution to the success of the Leaders Summit.

Why Sponsor?

  1. Invest in a unique engagement platform for partnerships between business and the UN. Showcase how business can add value to the post-2015 development agenda through innovative global partnerships that leverage your company’s expertise and resources towards a better future.
  2. Showcase your leadership. Gain visibility for and acknowledgement of your company’s leadership position vis-à-vis your most important global stakeholders – including your employees, customers and other important decision makers. Share your company’s vision, commitment, strategies and practices on a highly visible global platform.
  3. Demonstrate your commitment to building a better world. Publicly support the Global Compact’s values and mission, demonstrate your company’s integral support of the ten universal principles and help set the direction for future priorities and actions.
  4. Invest in learning. Engage in meaningful exchange, learning and collaboration with other sustainability leaders from around the world.